Sex in Pagan Rome – Rod Dreher, AmCon

Rubio’s Rise and Fall – Pete Spiliakos, F.T.

Rome: Sex and Freedom – Peter Brown, N.Y.R.B.

Awaiting a Season of Civility – Ed Feulner, Heritage

Robertson and the Righteous Mind – Rod Dreher, AmCon

Arthur Lovejoy and Roepke – Ralph Ancil, T.I.C.

Obama and Negotiation – Danny Huizinga, I.R.

Confessions of a Columnist – Ross Douthat, N.Y.T.

Plan Like a Chipmunk – Don McClarey, T.A.C.

What Happiness? – Amelia Sims, I.R.

People More than Beliefs & Desires – Rod Dreher, AmCon

Intelligence & Privacy – Angelo Codevilla, L.L.B.

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