Liberals Panicked About Obamacare – Charles Krauthammer, H.E.

The Demise of Pax Americana – Caroline Glick, F.P.M.

Why Federal Deficits? – Charles Blahous, E21

Instructional Change? – Michael Petrilli, EducationNext

The Rule of Law? – V.D. Hanson, N.R.O.

Liberals and Food Stamp Cuts – Rachel Sheffield, Heritage

What Obamacare Needs Now – Ross Douthat, N.Y.T.

Why Didn’t Economists Kill Hayek? – Amanda Achtman, I.R.

Absence of Wi-Fi as Crime? – Gracy Olmstead, AmCon

Typhoon Haiyan and Camille – Patrick Michaels, Cato

Fables of Fragility – James Matthew Wilson, T.I.C.

Penalty for Marriage in Obamacare – Jonathan Last, T.W.S.

Fictitious Obamacare ‘Fixes’ – Laura Trueman, Heritage

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