DHS Seizes List of Whistleblowers – John Hayward, H.E.

Avarice and Wealth – Russell Kirk, T.I.C.

Coerced Electric Car Demand – Anthony Bradley, Acton

New Angle on Nicholas – Erasmus, The Economist

Springsteen’s Gothic Imagination – Stephen Klugewicz, T.I.C.

Sibelius Does Not Work for You – John Hayward, H.E.

The Myth of Perfectibility – Shelby Tankersley, I.R.

EMP in America – John Collick, Heritage

Humanities as a Way of Knowing – Robert Woods, T.I.C.

Madisonian Compromise – Corbin & Parks, Federalist

Patriot Act Author and Rollback – Jonathan Coppage, AmCon

Obama’s Commissars – Donald McClarey, T.A.C.

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