Librarian Fired for Promoting Reading? – Eric Levenson, Atlantic

Pro-Lifing of America – Teresa Mull, H.E.

The Warsaw Uprising – Peter Rieth, T.I.C.

MCC Rewards Bad Behavior – James Roberts, Heritage

On Virgil – Rod Dreher, AmCon

School Board Bans “Invisible Man” – Kevin Williamson, N.R.O.

Killing Dependency – Michael Greve, L.L.B.

Fund Gov., Defund Obamacare – Matt Salmon, Heritage

Abortion Nation – Jonathan Last, T.W.S.

Funding Bill Without Obamacare – John Hayward, H.E.

U.S. and Nuclear Weapons – John Collick, Heritage

Constitution as a Bill of Rights – Greg Weiner, L.L.B.

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