NYTimes LogoLiving in the New York Times World – J. Paul Masko, American Thinker

The Rise of Aggressive Emotivism – Dwight Longenecker
Red China on Course to Become World’s Most Christian Nation – T. Phillips
Pop Messiahs: Are Talent & Drive Sufficient? – Stephen Masty
The U. K. Must Confront the Challenge of Islamism – The Daily Telegraph
The Moral Case for Zionism – Lawrence J. Eptstein, Y Net News
Unmasking Modern Anti-Semitism – Robert Fulford, National Post
How Chinese Think About Terrorism – Dingding Chen & Ding Xuejie
Russia’s Islamist Insurgency Is Still Raging – Peter J. Marzalik, Eurasianet
Twists of History & Interests in Ukraine – Paul Pillar, The National Interest
April 19, 1775: The Shot Heard Round the World – Don. R. McClarey JD
The Tense Future of Latin American Politics – C.J. Arnson & C. de la Torre
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where_the_southern_cross_the_yellow_dog_6517The Southern Glory Of Carroll Cloar – Rod Dreher

Poverty Is Expensive – John Teevan, PowerBlog
Rousseau’s American Heirs Fight the Final Prejudice – Donald Devine
The Slow Death of Free Speech – Mark Steyn, The Spectator
Is an Asian NATO Possible? – Zachary Keck
8 Traits That Will Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired – Forbes
Meritocracy & Its De-merits – Bruce Frohnen
Cliven Bundy’s ‘Way of Life’ – Ian Tuttle, Intercollegiate Review
Notes on an Objection to Platonism – James Chastek ThD, Just Thomism
Mexico: Reform Creating Opportunities In Oil – M. Druskoff & A. Curiel
Supreme Court is Right on Campaign Finance – Danny Huizenga, Int Rvw
Mexico’s Drug War – Stratfor
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Arts and ReligionThe Imperative of Creativity in Art & Religion – Daniel R. Goodman

Learning A Language Is For Life – Nick Morrison, Forbes
We’re Closer to a Civil War in the West than You Think – John L. Moore
Religious Freedom & the American Settlement – Luis A. Silva, Public Dscrs
Frankenstein Unbound – Forfare Davis, First Things
“Equal Pay” Mendacity Harms Women – Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine
Deneen, Smith & the Founding – Sardonicus, Sardonic Ex Curia
Clive Bundy and the Rule of Law – Don. R. McClarey JD, The Amrcn Cthlc
Doublethink: When an Attack on Speech ‘Reflects Diversity’ – J. Frawley
Russia’s Demographic Recovery + US Demographic Decline = Danger – CC
The Power of the Same-Sex Lobby – C. John McCloskey,
Rebirth of the Russian Empire – Shane Schaetzel, Forward In Christ Mgzn
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France, Islam and the 'Spreading Hatred'France, Islam & the Spreading Hatred – John Vinocur, Wall Street Journal

We Will Shoot Back: All Eyes on Russia as Ukraine Begins Offensive – S.O.I.
Could Russia Defeat a Ukrainian Insurgency? – Robert Beckhusen, Medium
Why the Senkaku/Diaoyu Dispute Isn’t Going Away – Ankit Panda
Why Government Can’t Replace Charity – Howard Husock, Forbes
The Case Against Higher Taxes – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
Against Scientism – John F. Crosby, Public Discourse
– Joseph Pearce
Captain America Conquers China – Warner Brown, TeaLeafNation
– J. P. Thomas
Plato & Philosophical Writing – Isaac Woodward, Intercollegiate Review
– Eva Brann
April 12, 1864: Fort Pillow – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
Shanghai 1937 Is China’s Forgotten Stalingrad – Michael Peck, Medium
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Asian SkylineAsia-Pacific Has Seven of the World’s Top 20 Global Cities – Sh. Tiezzi

The Palestinians Are to Blame for the Failed Peace Talks – Lee Smith, Tblt
Is China Ready to Repair Ties With Japan? – Shannon Tiezzi, China Power
An Anxious Age & an Antagonistic Future? – Christopher White, The CWR
Why Humane Economy Is a Better Term than Capitalism – Jones/Zmirak
The Many Problems With “Equal Pay” – Richard A. Epstein, Defining Ideas
Obama’s Justice Dept. Selectively Blocks Mergers of GOP CEOs – Toloczko
An Illiberal Catholic Assault on Hobby Lobby – Stephen Herreid, TACth
Catholic Hospitals Are Right to Reject Contraceptives, Doctors Say – KJJ
U. S. Bishops Invited to Support 2014 March for Marriage – Adelaide Mena
The Doctor Won’t See You Now – Joel Zinberg, Eye on the News
N. Y. Court Evicts God from Public-School Property – Gerald J. Russello
The Dark Side of the Sebelius Legacy – Jack Cashill, American Thinker
Sebelius Resigns From Her Post as H. H. S. Secretary – Joan Frawley
Something That Was Not Imaginable 40 years Ago Has Happened – Wehner
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BlasphemyCanada: Nine Months in Jail for Blasphemy Against Islam – Baron Bodissey

Philosophy & Morality in Public Discourse – Robert T. Miller, Pblc Dscrs
How the Pill Kills Preborn Babies – Jean M. Heimann
Protecting Religious Lbrty in State Marriage Debate – R Anderson & L Ford
Diversity & Dishonesty – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
Why Hitler Stole Art – Peter Campbell, Medium
– Clyde Wilson
Kazakhstan Opposition Fears Ukraine’s “Russian Spring” – Ryskeldi Satke
Elane Phtgrphy Case Shows We Must Fight Govt Coercion – RT Anderson
Apple iWatch Rumor Roundup – Vlad Andrici, Pacific Money
Family Planning & Abortion: Two Sides of the Same Coin – Reb. Oas PhD
Focusing on People, Not Sprawl – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Dr. Alveda King, Niece of Martin Luther King, for Marriage – Reb. Hamilton
Sebelius Flees Sinking ObamaCare Ship – Don. R. McClarey JD, The Am Cth
Dubliners Running Pro-Marriage Journalist Out of Town – Pleistarchos
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Shakespeare invented Britain. Now he can save itShakespeare Invented Britain, Now He Can Save It – Daniel Hannan

The Marriage that Made America – Robert Morrison, First Things
David Cameron: Christians Most Persecuted Around World – The Cthlc Hrld
The Road to Secular Dhimmitude – Richard Samuelson, Library of Law & Lib
The West’s Financial Arsenal – Harold James, Project Syndicate
Keeping an Eye on Algeria – Geoff D. Porter, The New York Times
Turkey’s Electoral Dictatorship – Timur Kuran, Project Syndicate
China’s Residential Property Mrkt: Ghost Towns & Gilded Lilies – Sara Hsu
Most Despised People in World, Christians – Bill Warner, Gates of Vienna
Why Evangelical Support for Israel Is Waning – Dale M. Coulter, First Things
Do Unilateralists Own Israel’s Future? – Tom Wilson, Commentary
Pity the Palestinians? Count Me Out – Norman Podhoretz, The Wall Strt Jrnl
Regional Implications of Indonesia’s Rise – Abdul-Latif Halimi, The Diplomat
The Shame of Brandeis – Michael Rubin, Commentary
Barbarous Gang Rape in France by Unassimilated Muslims – Gallia Watch
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